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Bosch Introduces FLT1020 Vial Filling System
Designed for Efficient Clinical Trials

  • Offers flexible vial processing range and variable tray size options
  • Small footprint minimizes total cost of ownership
  • Table top design adaptable to numerous accessory options

Bosch Pharmaceutical USA, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, augments its portfolio of vial filling solutions with the FLT1020, a new system designed for increased efficiency in clinical trials.  The new filler is a downsized alternative to larger vial filling systems, specifically designed for the clinical/trials phase.  Based on production technology, the FLT1020 minimizes packaging and processing variables when shifting into the full scale production stage.      

“Pharmaceutical firms moving from clinical trials to the production phase need to be able to predict how a drug will handle on the filling line,” says Jeff Jackson, Product Manager for Bosch Packaging.  “The FLT1020 addresses the demands of pharmaceutical manufacturers that require a scaled down unit that replicates the conditions of mass production.  A smaller system enables firms to anticipate potential variables, streamline validation procedures, and thus minimize the risks associated with scale up.”

The FLT1020 system offers a flexible vial processing range (diameter 16mm-52mm, height 25mm-95mm, neck finish 13mm-20mm) and variable tray size options (8-15' width, 12-18' length). It requires no size parts for the different vial diameters.  Featuring a maximum throughput of 30VPM, the FLT1020 combines speed and flexibility customized to the needs of users, reducing the timeframes of clinical trials and speeding time to market.      

The linear table top design of the FLT1020 allows for a smaller footprint and mobility during the beginning clinical phase of drug development. A compact, mobile system significantly reduces total cost of ownership. The FLT1020 is also the only small scale filling system that offers integrated capping and a linear “v-cleat” transport eliminating the need for vial size parts and improving machine access, while reducing overall width.

With an emphasis on versatility and ease-of-use, the FLT1020 represents a new and flexible innovation for drug manufacturers. The system is compatible with a variety of dosing systems used on high-speed production filling lines including rolling diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, and the Accerta by Milipore.  The FLT1020 can be located under a laminar flow hood and incorporates a number of optional accessories, including compatibility with feeding systems, isolators, and tray on and tray off stations.  The FLT1020 also features a touch screen control panel with intuitive programming and controls.

“In the dynamic, ever-changing pharmaceutical market, the uncertain first stages of the clinical trial phase are critical to the ultimate success of a drug,” says Paul Tinucci, Principle Applications Engineer, Bosch Packaging.  “This system provides a new level of increased flexibility that enables manufacturers to lessen the risk associated with the early stages of drug development.” 

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